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Dear Malcolm, Sorry To Bother You During Your Time of Peace, My Brother But There Is No Peace on Earth.

We Are at War with An Enemy That Gives Us No Peace

They Will Allow Us to Have a Piece, But No Peace.

Racism Separates Us from Peace Ignorance Infiltrates Our Peace Poverty Steals Our Peace. But There Is No “I” In Peace And Everyone Has an Opinion, So Here Is My Piece And Third Eye.

We All Are Resting in Peace Just Like You, Malcolm, We All Died on February 21, 1965

Just Like You. Malcolm From European Conspiracies, Assassinating Our Minds, We Died Again in April of ’68, Like Dr King. Our Minds Once Again Deceived, By Lies We Are Made and Paid to Believe Lies Told By The Alive And Living But Really, Are We Dead Y’all? Are We Resting in Peace? R.I.P.?

We Are Traveling Through Hell’s Kitchen, As If We Were Swinging from A Tree Lynching.

So Why Is the Word Freedom Being Used So Freely And Our Death Taken So Lightly,

When I Know They Don’t Like Me? Or My Mother Africa

Who Has Always Been in American Captivity? Just Ask Lucy and Ancient American Olmec Heads We Are Confused and Always Misled History Lied to Us Like Bootleg Liquor

And Crack Epidemics Like Color T.V. And H.I.V.

They Even Pollute the Air We Breathe, Malcolm. So, We Made Up Our Minds to Live Our Lives, Free Of Ghosts, Free of Walls, Free Our Falls, Till We Free Our Souls Most of All,

Till We Resist the Lies, And Emphasize That Malcolm Didn’t Believe in Peace But I Know

You Was for A Piece of Mind, Malcolm, I Know You Believed in The Whole Truth and No

thing But The Truth So, Help Me Allah,

Can I Get a Witness? Like Malcolm Go Get Your Piece to Get Your Peace I Said, Go Get

Your Piece to Get Your Peace, By Any Means Necessary.

Yes, Malcolm After Mecca Had Peace. Yes, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz Had Peace on The Tip

of My Tongue, Just Under My Breath, Just Before Death Come Swiftly, At The Hands of

Folks Invisible Like Ghosts To Me But Will We Die for Peace, Like Malcolm? Are We Dead Y’all, R.I.P.

We Are Resting in Pieces

Umar Tennessee

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