Healthy Drinking Habits

Here are some healthy tips as we head into the spring season: With water making up 60% of your body, we can all agree that water is essential to all of us. The benefits of water are laid out and simple. Utilizing a healthy water drinking routine can lead you to more incredible physical performance. If you're not maximizing your water intake, it can lead to more significant fatigue, as well as you not being fully motivated. Most don't think about this or know this, but even the most moderate forms of hydration can affect your mood, brain performance, and memory. But to make keeping hydrated simpler, we must have built-in systems to utilize healthy hydration. Start by placing those cheap party tubs and stashing those in various locations in your home, and fill those up with bottles of healthy alkaline or pure drinking water bottles.

Getting into the habit of drinking or just drinking water is simple, as we mentioned earlier, but there are some things that you should take into consideration to get the most out of this practice. The best temperature for drinking water is room temperature. Room temperature water is a more effective way of preventing you from feeling thirsty right away. There is no concrete evidence that drinking cold water is terrible for your health, but the temperature of the water can impact circulation. So these are some things to consider when choosing your hydration habits. Always shoot for at least 64 ounces of pure water a day. But if you increase your intake, you can also increase your impact. Half of your body weight in ounces is what's suggested. Be very intentional with your intake. Log and set goals for specific intervals during the day. Even stay intentional on the weekends. Just because you may be freer on the weekend, it doesn't mean that your health is on a two-day break. Healthy hydration can be a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. Be purposeful with your most precious asset. Health is Wealth.

Vernon Davis is a certified Health Coach and Life Insurance Broker from Knoxville, TN. He and his wife own and operate Life after Death LLC, which provides Health Coaches that help people transform their lives through healthy habits and Life Insurance solutions with a practical approach.

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