She is the Mother of All,

Therefore, the Universe must bow down to Her, now.

The Sun must shine on Her throughout time.

The Sky is filled with Her presence,

She is the Mother of All that is present.

Beautiful is Her essence,

Black is Her crown,

Woman is Her crescent.

The Moon and Stars are held up by Her hands.

She is God sent,

She is Heaven sent,

She is Earth’s magnificence.

Without Her, there is no existence.

The Mother of All,

The Galaxy must kneel according to Her will.

She became and is becoming, arrived before everything.

She expands beyond all things.

Her community encompasses all creatures and all features.

She moves mountains and directs seas.

She soothes pains and answers pleas.

The Beautiful Black Woman is the answer to all our questions,

She is the solution to all that vex us.

She is pure.

Her Majesty runs over.

She cures our ills.

She is the only thing that is real.

She is fine amongst all eyes

She conquers hearts and captures minds.

The Beautiful Black Woman,

Creator of ALL

The World must admit She is the firmament.

A permanent glory to be adorned,

To be affirmed and uplifted in high regard.

To be Beautiful, to be Black, to be Feminine, to be Intimate.

She is the rarest element of life.

Her potency is enormous.

Her natural composition is beyond our comprehension.

We cannot phantom Her purpose,

We cannot imagine Her benefit.

No treasure measures up to the Beautiful Black Woman.


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