Our Annual September Gala is designed to celebrate community leaders and black women who have and are suffering from breast cancer. The Gala provides an outlet for the survivor of breast cancer to share in their experience, to heal, and help others as they walk in their own journey. The Gala's theme is Black & Pink. Black is to Identify black women suffering from breast cancer and pink symbolizes breast cancer for women.​Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer incidence for women and the 2nd leading cause of cancer mortality for black women in Tennessee. Incidence rates tend to be comparable in both black and white women; however, black women have a high mortality rate that is 60.4% higher than that of white women. This Gala is a celebration of their struggle and their will to fight against insurmountable odds.​​It is important to note that black women are more likely than white women to be diagnosed with breast cancer in the latest stage of the disease

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Our Goal
African American women suffer a higher burden of basal-like breast cancer, an aggressive subtype that has no targeted therapy. While, African-American women have a lower lifetime risk of breast cancer, their mortality rates are higher compared with the rates among white American women. The five-year survival rates for White women is 90%, while for African American women is 78%, lower than that of any other ethnic and racial group in the US.  We are saving lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in the women that are suffering from this disease. Join us as we work towards our goal of providing information that will help breakthrough research, engage in community prevention and ultimately find a cure for breast cancer. With your help, we’re having a real impact against breast cancer. Find out how your donations are saving lives and making progress in the mission to end breast cancer forever.