Black Women Breast Cancer Awareness


The BWBCA group is apart and falls under the Alliance House Community Coalition's 501c3 IRS status. BWBCA is an initiative under AHCC to address Racism As A Public Health Crisis.

The BWBCA group is dedicated to empowering women, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and getting them connected with the supportive tools to help them maximize their lives. We are dedicated to addressing the breast cancer disparity and focused on providing resources, counseling, and education that we hope will answer questions about breast cancer and black women.  

Despite efforts to improve disparities in breast cancer outcomes for Black women, Black women continue to experience significant survival disparities. While studies show a decrease in the mortality rates of Black women with breast cancer, Black women still have double the 5- and 10-year mortality rates compared with White women. Tennessee has a 60% mortality rate among its Black women.


AHCC has gained approval to commission a state Breast Cancer license plate highlighting the awareness needed to address the 60% in-state mortality rate of Black women. The plate is designed to bring awareness to Tennessee's in-state mortality rates and to make testing readily available for black women. The need for more funding for education about the disease in the Black community has been and is under unfunded. Early detection is "KEY". 

The Alliance House Community Coalition and the BWBCA committee is fundraising to raise money to have 1000 Breast Cancer License Plates printed specifically to represent Black women suffering from breast cancer. We will need 1000 people to commit to donating to the cost of getting the plated printed. By donating to this fundraiser, you will be helping to raise the money need and you will be pre-registering for Breast Cancer License Plates.

In order to have the breast cancer plate commissioned, the Alliance House Community Coalition and the BWBCA committee must reach this goal of 1000 people. We are asking you to donate and help this fundraising effort and pre-registering for this plate by June 2022. Commit to help change the attitude towards awareness and testing for Black women in this state. 

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BWBCA's vision is to eliminate unjust and inequitable policies and practices that affect the care of Black women fighting against breast cancer.



BWBCA’s daily mission is to advocate for better services for Black women dealing with breast cancer, present workshops, and assist with providing breast screenings, mammograms and offer support after diagnosis in an effort to reduce the high rate of mortality in the state of Tennessee.