Annual Minority Health Seminar

Our annual Minority Health Seminar was established in March to draw attention to health inequities and the lack of representation of minority residents both within the City of Knoxville and Knox County, Tennessee. This minority health seminar aims to explore a diverse range of topics that have an impact on minority health. This community health seminar is for anyone interested in new educational models surrounding African American health, State and County legislation policies and bills, and changing the lifestyles of those living in poverty and poor health.
In the end, AHCC is driving towards interactive sessions with community participants, engagement of local leaders, and improving communication skills on understanding the role of health disparities among African American residents in Knox County. We have connected state and local planners to join in on the conversation about the state of black health in Tennessee. This minority health seminar provides a forum through which communities are represented both at the state and local levels, and can engage with advocacy efforts moving forward to advance the health of minorities and people of color.

We are creating pathways and learning opportunities  for black people to begin taking control of the very outcomes that determine their quality of health, which creates a  true lifestyle investment into their communities. The aim annual Minority Health Seminar is to bring awareness of how to navigate one's power to control their outcomes.

Through a combination of interactive workshops and group discussions, the seminar will provide attendees exposure to understanding the drivers of health inequities in healthcare settings, the need for policy change, and why research in important to black health.